Jim Gibbs Moderates Entrepreneurship Panel with Entre, Hopes to Close Funding Gap.

Pittsburgh, PA -  MeterFeeder CEO and Co-Founder Jim Gibbs was invited to speak at the Entre Pittsburgh Founders Night as well as moderate the venture capital panel and Q&A discussions at the event.

According to Entre, “Entre is designed to help every new, young and growing entrepreneur.  They have created an all-in-one platform for everyone to connect with other like minded individuals, start businesses, find partners/employees, and develop their own skills to be the best and most true authentic self they can be.”

The event, panel, and networking time was organized to bring venture capitalists, investors, and angels together with entrepreneurs from the Pittsburgh community. Jim was chosen for his unique entrepreneurial experience in both Pittsburgh and the west coast.

Jim moderated the panel of investors which included investors such as Malcolm Handlesman, Kelley Skoloda, Phil Compton, and Dave Lishego. Topics included how to find local investment, how to build a company, and how to pitch your company to investors. The panel also discussed diversity and inclusion in the startup space.

“The goal is to prepare entrepreneurs for what investors are looking for, no matter what stage of their startup they are at.” Mr Gibbs said. “Pittsburgh has a lot of great talent, but a lot of these talented folks don’t have the same resources available to them as entrepreneurs on the west coast. That’s what we are trying to change with events like these.”

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Posted by
corey mcdonough
April 19, 2019