Find and pay parking tickets

Ticket Monitor is an automated parking citation solution that eliminates fine escalations and cost overruns for fleets nationwide. Monitoring 1,500+ locations, we detect tickets, provide digital review and approvals, facilitate payments, and offer autopay options for hands-free processing that saves 40% of fines on average and frees up staff resources.


Keep your fleet compliant, without Ā thinking about it

No new hardware

We have integrations with great fleet management solutions. If you already have the hardware, we can get you started quickly.

Pay for parking

Turn your vehicle off in a paid parking zone, and Meter Feeder can process payments. Make sure your vehicles remain ticket free!

Save Time

Recapture lost hours spent on ticket tasks, safeguard licenses, and achieve back-office tranquility.

Don't know if you have parking tickets?

Send us a message, and we'll do a free audit for you.

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