The Meter Reader Enforcement Kit

A lightweight Android tablet and a rugged Bluetooth printer allow on-the-go enforcement. A handstrap, for the tablet, and a shoulder strap, for the printer, safely secure the equipment while offering easy mobility into and out of vehicles.

Fits in your budget
Our backend software, enforcement devices, and payment platform are cost effective. So whether you're looking for a solution on Main St., or Wall St., we've got you covered.


No hidden fees. Low cost

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Quicker enforcement

Using Meter Feeder's tools, parking enforcement officers have seen an increase in productivity by over 25%.

Real time data

Whether it's permits, parking payments, parking tickets, or parking ticket payments, you'll know immediately!

Security and Dependability

Meter Feeder's servers have over 99.999% uptime. Rest easy knowing that your platform will be available when you need it.

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