Pay By Vehicle

Fully automated, effortless parking. Your vehicle will automatically pay for parking when you turn it off. Never pay a ticket again Save your fleet loads of cash with 100% compliance in MeterFeeder zones. Ready for autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicles will be able to pay for parking on their own, without any human input.

A lot smarter.

With Meter Feeder's patent-pending Pay-By-Vehicle technology, autonomous vehicles can now pay for parking all by themselves.

Exclusive geomatics data.

We survey and process geographic information about parking locations, rates, and stay times. Online and offline statistical learning models report parking occupancy and create unparalleled system accuracy.

Clean, accurate reporting.

Our data is specifically structured to be digestible, in itemized ledger format. Your municipality will easily be able to run reports to verify accuracy.

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The Enforcement Package

$1150 Total Equiment Cost *
Datamax O’neil Apex 3
Bluetooth Printer
Harness and strap system for
tablet and printer
10 rolls of polyester thermal paper. Weather and tear resistant!
* - Additional monthly charges for bandwidth and options
Samsung Galaxy Tab E
‍LTE Tablet
24 months of 4G Data
Data plan covers over 10,000 license plate lookups and written tickets with photos EVERY MONTH.